Panim Exports is Synonym for Diamond Beads, Briolettes & Unique Cuts.

The Company was established in mid 20th by Mr.Madhavji Dholiya, the visionary and creative entrepreneur. He spearheaded Panim Brand into the Diamond industry and cater to Global Diamond markets with Unique Diamond Shapes such as 

  • Diamond Beads, 
  • Briolettes(Drops), 
  • Triangular Briolettes (Taviz Cut Diamond),
  • Diamond Portraits and
  • Special Diamond chain of exclusive Diamond Briolettes.

This enabled Panim Exports to be the Largest & Finest diamond manufacturers and suppliers  in the world.

We have various private events & exhibitions all the continents, majorly in Hong Kong, U.S.A., Switzerland, Middle East & other cities in Europe.
The company has remarkably made its stand in the market when it comes to customer satisfaction and professionalism. In Feb 2018, We, Panim has joined the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) Membership and we follow the Code of Practices that addresses human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many more important topics in the Jewellery supply chain.