Panim Exports is one of the foremost companies when it comes to the pasture of ravishing unique fancy shaped diamonds. This company was initiated in 2000. The current possessor of Panim exports is Madhavji Bhai who is the most devoted being and brings a splendid personality with himself. The company has amazingly made it’s arise in the market when it comes to client contentment and professionalism. We proffer an ample choice of products which includes Diamonds Briolettes, Diamond Beads, SS cut, Taviz cut and Rondelles. This has lead us to be synonymous for Diamonds Beads and Briolettes in the Industry. portfolio


Panim Exports manufactures various types of Fancy diamonds weighing from 0.10 cts to 2.00 cts. The company manufacture diamonds in 3 different shapes – Beads, Briolette’s or Drops, Rondelle Cut & Taviz Cuts and we enjoy expertise in our own special design called SS Cuts Chain or Double Drilled Briolette Diamonds. We cater the shapes as per client’s requirements. The colours of the diamonds are ranging from ‘D’ colour to ‘J’ colours and clarity are in the range of VVS to SI grades.

We craft and make all our diamond finely with the help of modern high technology machines and Laser units in our world class manufacturing facility placed in Mumbai. The facility is also geared with cutting edge and most advanced diamond cutting and polishing machineries. Our company has leveraged its manufacturing competencies and branched itself into one of the leading companies in its own forte. We put up and make all our products delicately with the help of contemporary elevated expertise technology and Laser units in world-class infrastructures placed in Surat and Mumbai.
Our company has leveraged its manufacturing competencies and split itself into one of the leading companies in its own forte.


We convey or introduce all our raw materials from Belgium and various tenders by the mining companies. We believe in distributing our customers with the best of our services. Our company has often been a part of Trade imports and exports. We productively accomplish our clients’ demand and market most of our products worldwide. The company is backed by a team of professional and hardworking employees. Panim Exports is not just a company but a whole empire which is moving swiftly towards its goals.

Major Export Countries: Hong Kong, USA, Belgium, Dubai

Vertically Integrated 

Our vertically integrated supply chain means that everything, from cutting the rough diamonds to crafting the jewelry, is done in-house allowing for:

  • A transparent supply-chain with all natural, sustainably sourced diamonds;
  • Tight quality control resulting in only the highest quality diamonds and jewelry;
  • Competitive and transparent pricing; 

We believe our customers should not have to choose between high quality and price. 


At Panim we only work with with responsible trade partners and all our diamonds are conflict-free.  
We insist on only the highest ethical, social and environmental standards from our partners so that you don’t have to choose between looking good and feeling good about your jewellery.